User Experience Certification









The CXSA User Experience (UX) Certification curriculum is designed to give you immediately usable skills and capability that translates into differentiated business value. Build value, accelerate your career and make an immediate difference.

We cover the evolving practices that make-up core & differentiated approaches to UX:

  • Learn methods on how to research user needs & wants including those the user does not tell you or is aware of – the basis for opportunity innovation.
  • Understand visual & touchpoint design techniques to create a dynamic digital experience that creates value and desired emotions across the user journey
  • Learn the principles of UX Strategy and Management via practical methods to implement UX into companies, leading UX teams to deliver world class user outcomes, every time.


Learning Path

A 2-day face-to-face programme designed to introduce and familiarise all the key stages of the UX Design process. You will learn the fundamentals of UX strategy, research, information architecture, how to create wireframes and how to build testing strategies.

You will also leave with a series of core techniques which can be used immediately back in the workplace.


People without prior knowledge and/or experience in User Experience.

This programme is designed to build an understanding of the fundamentals of User Experience & apply basic techniques.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN -Enhanced Skills

  • Foundation Principles of the UX design process, ROI, & performance impact. Attributes of leading designers.
  • The 12 UX design competencies & fundamental building blocks that underpin UX success.
  • User research & insights; core principles
  • Personas and Empathy Mapping: Understanding user needs & how users think & feel
  • Information architecture and designing for intuition
  • Visualisation and Rapid Prototyping
  • Usability Testing Fundamentals
  • UI (User Interface Design) & ID (Interaction Design) Fundamentals
  • Sitemaps, navigation, and wireframes
  • Visual Design, typography, and responsive design
  • Practical tips on delivery and what you can do immediately to improve the UX

A 2-day face-to-face programme where participants build on the core principles from Foundation & are equipped with core skills that drive successful User Experience driven outcomes

These techniques build on best to evolving “next practice” in UX Research, Design & Management.

Who is this for: 

All interested in technology and digital change projects, particularly those where the customer journey has a significant digital component.

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN – Enhanced Skills in User Experience

  • The UX end-to-end development lifecycle
  • Fundamentals of UX strategy. Learn the key component of a winning strategy and how to align to the existing business and where applicable customer strategy.
  • Learn a wide variety of techniques used gathering a deep understanding of customer wants and needs and how user behaviour impacts the perception of value and experience.
  • Develop a design delivery framework to align successful user outcomes into development projects with delivery teams.

Topics Covered

UX Strategy, Lifecycle & Design tools

  • Adapting lifecycle to specifics of situation
  • Ideation
  • Advanced Prototyping
  • UX strategy & alignment to business
  • Journey Mapping

User Research & Outcomes

  • Outcome based thinking methods
  • Advanced Testing and Research
  • Optimising & Customer Alignment of Journeys

Design framework & advanced techniques

  • UX writing
  • Content Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • Omni-channel Design

Project management & delivery

  • Planning sprints
  • Agile Project Management
  • Working with developers
  • Detailed analysis of practical design framework tailored to a specific situation

A 2-day face-to-face programme where participants build on the core skills & techniques at Practitioner level & learn the critical aspects of building a high-performing User Experience with business impact, clear ROI and value across the whole customer ecosystem.

This Programme gives the delegate advanced skills and methods to lead UX change at any level of complexity and deliver against project, ROI and experience goals.

Who is this for: 

Aspiring professionals who are looking to extend their professional

UX capability to deliver a differentiated outcome in complex environments.

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN – Enhanced Skills in User Experience

  • Learn the core principles and techniques of user-driven innovation.
  • Alignment of UX strategy and managing a practical delivery framework.
  • Building a compelling Business Case and ROI impact
  • Core skills to become an expert Product /UXManager
  • Alignment of UX with senior stakeholders
  • Managing highly effective cross functional teams
  • Building research teams to test outcomes and identify ongoing differentiated need.
  • Socialising and Gaining recognition for UX within the organisation and customer base

Topics Covered

Human-Centred Innovation

  • Innovation techniques
  • Practical application into UX Framework

Strategy Alignment and KPI’s

  • Defining UX Success Measures
  • Aligning to KPI’s across the business

Building the Business Case

  • Building the Business Case
  • Alignment to Stakeholder agendas

Stakeholder & Customer Recognition

  • Key components of stakeholder mgt
  • Building recognition within the company
  • Aligning to the customer base
  • Storytelling and selling change

UX Leadership

  • Managing cross functional teams
  • Core skills in becoming a product mgr
  • Influencing practical change