Customer Experience Certification








We have developed an Academy dedicated exclusively to Customer Centricty, Customer Service, Design Thinking, User Experience, Patient Experience and Employee Engagement. We offer both foundation and advanced Certified Course designed specifically to meet the business demands of the GCC.

We support both in-house and public programmes. Both are comprehensive in subject matter and can be tailored to the specific needs of the company and the attendee.

Our CX certification curriculum is grounded in 12 core competencies plus signature components from recognised thought leaders, designed to cover every aspect of the customer centricity agenda.

We offer these certifications in both English & Arabic along with case studies from the G.C.C. region as well as internationally.

Certification is real world & practical. it focusses on demonstrating understanding and real world application.


Learning Path

A 2-day face-to-face programme designed to introduce participants to the critical components critical for building a customer-centric company so change thinking & approaches are understood.

Participants also create their development roadmap to navigate their CX career aspirations.

Who is this for:

Staff without prior knowledge and/or experience in Customer Experience.

This programme is designed to build an understanding of the fundamentals of Customer Experience & apply basic techniques.

What you will learn:

  • Foundation Principles:definitions¬†& impact.
  • The 12 competencies to build a customer-centric company.
  • The fundamental building blocks that underpin CX success.
  • Understanding & application of both existing tools & new next practice techniques.
  • Core principles of customer research, insights & journey mapping.
  • How to deliver business impact with supporting case studies.

A 3-day face-to-face programme where participants build on the core principles from Foundation & are equipped with core skills that drive customer-centric change.

These techniques are ahead of what is considered best practice & key to creating differentiation for the customer.

Who is this for: 

All change, business & project staff involved in supporting or driving customer-centric change programmes.

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to supercharge your customer insight programmes by combining Data-driven VoC with next practice & outcome-based Human-centric thinking techniques to identify opportunities for change and innovation.
  • Build a rigorous change framework that enables you to both optimise and customer align Customer journeys to supporting process.
  • Understand the key measures important to customer success & how to make customer metrics relevant to your organisation’s success measures.

Topics Covered:

Data-driven CX

  • VoC programme strategy.
  • Designing a VoC Programme
  • Evaluating executable insight

Journey mapping & management

  • Best practice approach.

Success Measures

  • Measuring the right things.
  • Alignment techniques.

Human-centric CX

  • Principles of Design Thinking
  • New high impact methods.
  • New outcome-driven insight techniques.
  • Journey optimsation and customer alignment.

A 5-day face-to-face programme where participants build on the core skills & techniques at Practitioner level & learn the critical aspects of building a high-performing customer-centric organisation with a clear & compelling ROI.

This framework is the practical & measurable implementation path to creating a customer-centric company with clear differentiation & P&L impact.

Who is this for:

Aspiring professionals who are looking to extend their professional CX capability & take advantage of advanced tools & methods.

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to apply the principles of customer-centred innovation to uncover hidden customer needs & wants & to design new propositions, products & experiences.
  • Apply service design principles & tools such as empathy mapping & service blueprinting to create & manage the link between people, processes, policies & technology.
  • Create a CX-practical implementation & governance framework.
  • Build an agile process to align technology requirements with your desired customer outcomes & experiences.¬†

Topics Covered:

  • The ROI of Customer Experience & Business Case
  • Building a differentiated & company-specific roadmap.
  • Customer-centric innovation methods.
  • Service design.
  • Implementation & governance frameworks.
  • Managing omni-channel experiences.
  • Technology alignment.

Advanced Service Design & Innovation

  • Empathy¬†mapping.
  • Service blueprinting: linking the interactions with processes, policies, technology & systems.
  • Ideation techniques.
  • Prototyping & testing.

CX Strategy

  • 5 levels of outcome: holistic approach
  • Core building blocks & process.

5 day face-to-face programme. Delivering customer-centric change is tough. Leaders have a difficult job aligning the conflicting objectives surrounding customers, employees & company performance in a truly agile manner. Many of the principles involved directly challenge traditional inside-out service excellence focus that currently prevail in most organisations.

Then factor in employee engagement at approximately 33% – with only 12% passionate about their work & management even lower at 30% – alongside fear of failure & lack of customer alignment.

Business leaders need advanced leadership, persuasion & people development skills to create the level of customer centricity that will deliver results.

Who is this for:

Business leaders, senior managers & aspirants with a passion for creating change, developing people & harnessing their customer-centred leadership skills.

What you will learn:

  • Creating employee fulfillment, engagement & passion.
  • Learn how to empathise with your people & apply methods to build empathy within your organisational culture.
  • Measure the right things for long-term business, customer & employee success.
  • Creating a sustained customer-focused culture with empowered employees.
  • Learn the fundamentals of people engagement & craete a sustained culture that proactively seeks ways to exceed customer expectations.
  • Cultivate a sense of belonging & excitement for your people, empowering them to deliver stellar experiences for your customers & deliver P&L impact.

Topics Covered:

  • Customer Experience leadership.
  • Employee engagement & passion.
  • Culture development.
  • Building a movement from within.
  • Selling change to senior stakeholders.
  • Storytelling.
  • Internal & external promotion & recognition.
  • Building Brand You‚ĄĘ
  • Principles of gamification.
  • Teaming to accelerate value.
  • Realising business value.

Champions are senior business leaders & executive management group who are not directly involved in implementing change but who are ultimately accountable for outcomes & results.

A great group of champions can significantly accelerate change & add real value to the transformation process.

This 1-day workshop re-familiarises stakeholders with the main principles of building a customer-centric company then extends to cover how they can support change, evaluate progress, resolve issues & ensure risk is mitigated.

Who is this for:

Business leaders who are passionate about making an impact & supporting customer-centric change.

What you will learn:

The role of the Customer Champion

  • Understanding the difference between CX & customer centricity.
  • The principles behind business case development.
  • Building the company-specific roadmap.

The principles behind each of the 12 CX competencies:

  • Leadership
  • Change support
  • Risk mitigation
  • Resolving cross functional issues
  • Teaming to accelerate value
  • Outcome realisation
  • Value-added contribution